In Detail

Most businesses already have a VMware Based Hybrid Private Cloud and Hbyrid multicloud environment: They use public cloud services, but they also depend on legacy applications and data centers. If this describes your organization, you’re likely seeking ways to extend the benefits of public cloud across your entire IT estate — with the assumption that the only way to achieve that goal is to migrate your legacy applications to public cloud. Our VMware-based hybrid cloud solutions give you the benefits of consumption-based pricing, multi-tenancy, self-service, rapid provisioning and automation — in both public and private cloud domains

You can continue operating in your familiar VMware environment, using a private cloud solution that delivers the same benefits as a public cloud, without having to undertake time-consuming and costly application modernization programs. With a private cloud solution you get immediate benefits of public cloud with the luxury and flexibility of modernizing your applications when it suits you.

Our Private Cloud solutions bring a blend of public cloud economic viability and the predictability of private cloud along with robust security, control and high performance for your mission-critical systems. Whether it is on-premise or in one of our global data centers, we provide a simple and scalable environment with as-you-use billing. We make your systems available to you whenever you need them with full control over security, compliance and performance. With our Private Cloud solutions, you save considerable time and avoid capital expenditure.

Our modern private cloud solutions allow you to run and optimize workloads in the best location and on the best infrastructure, without significant rework. We make it possible to move to the cloud without re-architecting applications and to scale your environment to other cloud providers. Extend your on-premises footprint with secure cloud capacity, and without adding hardware. Develop cloud-native apps within an environment similar to on-premises environment.

Our Services Include

Flexible Licensing Options
Multiple Hosting Options
Pay-as-Use Services
Managed Storage
Virtual Private Cloud
Data Centre Consolidation