What We Consult with

Our expertise in IT hardware means we can make tailored recommendations suited to your business, whatever your trade or industry. We have previously supplied extensive hardware consultancy to a wide range of businesses, and take a personal approach in finding the right fit for you. We have the right tools for your job at hand. That’s what you need. No more, no less. At Damani India, we are computer software consultants and experts in computer hardware consulting, and we’re committed to making sure you and your team are equipped with the right hardware and the right software for all your business needs. That’s why we’ll do a complete IT audit from the start to see what you really need. We love talking with our clients to make sure they’re happy with the systems they have.

Sometimes our clients want to purchase the system equipment themselves, but they still appreciate advice regarding what they should purchase and which options are “nice to have” versus “have to have”. Whether it’s a standard item or a special order need, we do the research to provide the best technology for your business and stand behind all of our recommendations.

Our Services Include

Server Maintenance
Storage On / Off premises
Data Recovery
Hardware Management
Cloud Connectivity
System Security